Dr. Augustine Chow

Dr. Augustine Chow

is a vision-driven, vital, committing to developing youths and youngsters’ professional insurance and wealth management business advisory careers. He has helped numerous people to create their wealth through their successful businesses.

He is a legend, with rich and profound roles and experiences.

He was honored as An Outstanding Young Person of Hong King. He is an Associate Professor in Marketing in a tertiary education institution, He was the first recipient of a doctoral degree in Marketing from his full- time work, part-time study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He was a senior executive in one of the world’s top-notched banking and insurance companies, responsible for selecting and developing Wealth Management Relationship Managers, professional financial planners, and multi-channel insurance sales teams.

He has a conviction, a dream, to create numerous legends with his teams ….

He and his bank had received numerous awards, including receiving the TVB Marketing Excellence Awards in three executive years. He was an adjudicator of the Outstanding Young Salesperson Awards. He was a representative of a multinational insurance company to set up new branches in a China province, a representative of the Hong Kong Marketing professionals to help develop the China SME markets on behalf of TDC, and a representative to participate and speak in APEC regional meetings, representing Hong Kong.

When AIA received his privately-owned insurance license in Beijing, he quitted his banking career in Hong Kong and flew to Beijing to join AIA Beijing as an insurance agent. At the same time, he studied a master’s degree in insurance from Beijing University and taught in the first Financial Planning Training program from Tsing Hua University in Beijing as the course consultant.

Within two years of an agency career, he received his first MDRT award, and since then, contributing to the development of talents and distribution channels for insurance companies in Hong Kong and China.

That he believes insurance is an act of love; that every Chinese should have insurance policies, enjoying financial freedom through sound financial planning.

That he believes a professional insurance agent is an advocator and a servicing person of and for his/her clients and their beneficiaries, with the purposes of awakening client’s love, responsibilities, and well-being. We act in good faith, with our hearts and souls to help our clients achieve family protection and financial freedom.
Wealth management is what we do to help our clients manage risks, protect their wealth, transcend their love and legacy, reaching the state of wealth freedom.

In the heated market competition, he is recruiting to build a team of one-on-one tailored made wealth management and risk management professionals in the pan-pacific regions. He supports them with digital customer relationship management tools, to help remove worries, reinstate love and legacy. Meanwhile, they transform ourselves and team members for a satisfying, happy and rewarding career dreams and lives.

Wealth Management, to us, is not personal business. It is also a client’s business, a happy and satisfying business, a team business, a national business, a business that helps foster a prosperous growth in our societies.


Declaration of Representation

Dr. Augustine Chow represents AIA (International) Ltd, AIG Insurance Ltd, and Zurich Insurance Ltd in Hong Kong as an authorized business representative.  He holds a valid insurance agency license (No: IN4194) from the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong, and license number 132109 from the MPF Intermediary registration.

He is a certified professional coach, a member of the American Christian Councilor, a Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, and a Fellow of the Registered Financial Planning Association.


  • Time for Fund Investment – Feb 2021? Augustine Chow

    基金投資此其時?  Time for Fund Investment?     In English: https://youtu.be/WsMN9KgghzI In Chinese: https://youtu.be/dISsxORcw1g 基金投資,是否在此時? The Right time for Unit Trust Fund Investment? 承受高中低風險者 ,有何選擇? What options for the High, Medium, Low-Risk Takers 投資基金有何方法? How? 基金該如何組合? Portfolio Investment? 下一步行動? Next Step? 歡迎訂閲 Youtube 頻道 Please Subscribe Our Youtube Channel: AIAChosenRace 周志堅博士傳道 Augustine Chow, Ph.D., FRFP, FHKIM, CPC,

    February 26, 2021
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