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The Chosen Race Winning Team

The Chosen Race Winning Team is a team of financial professionals representing key financial institutions and insurance companies who have gained substantial client experiences in serving the financial community in the Greater China region for years.

Our key members started his consulting, banking, legal, accounting advisory and insurance services in Hong Kong and in Mainland China in the early 90’s and since then have been helping businesses to grow, managing risks, and obtained public listing for their principals and businesses.

We were the chosen race, in the pan-Pacific financial and wealth management markets. We differentiate from our competition by our professional expertise and diligence in serving our clients.

Our Mission

Our renowned financial and agency services will allow you to:

  • Obtain prudent financial consultancy services to manage your risks and achieve your goals.
  • Accomplish your financial freedom and wealth freedom in a well-executed plan.
  • Enrich your planning horizon with pleasure and peace of mind.

Our Team

Our team is growing. We continue to attract and develop the best talents in the marketplace and to develop ourselves to be one of the top wealth management teams in the Pan-Pacific marketplace.

What can help you?


We begin our assessment of your financial / wealth management needs by compiling your own personal financial statements, which include an Income and Expenditure Statement, and Personal Network Statement. From these statements we identify your present financial standing and factors that might affect your future cash flow and net worth.

From a through discussion with you, we come to know the risk factors to your income, expenses, net assets and liabilities. We shall understand your present plan to mitigate such risks.

The risks relating your present life stage, business standing, and family structure would be assessed. We shall understand your present risk mitigation plans and identify if there is any gaps due to foreseeable future and risk profile.

Keys to your personal insurance protection and wealth management plans are your present health status, wealth standing, your own concerns, and dreams of your own personal life goals. The your resources, health situation, financial opportunities, constraints, expectations, and time of financial goals will be evaluated. A good wealth management will help you drive across the risks, and safely and peacefully drive home your goals.

With a full understanding of your financial strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a scheme of options and recommendation would be offered. These might be a series of financial options with a number of financial institutions that may offer the best option to achieve your goals.

You will select the options according to your needs and evaluative criteria. After your decision, a well-thought out execution plan will be developed and enable you to achieve the financial goals as planned.

Your plans and goals would be monitored, with periodic review of your options and plan according to then market situations in order to take advantage of the rapidly changing environment and opportunities.


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